About Calm Passion

Our Mission


At Calm Passion,a 501(C)3 Nonprofit, our team helps make events sensory friendly to support Autism & Neurodiverse families and provide experiences that they might otherwise miss out on. Calm Passion also strives to raise awareness of the many positive effects for individuals that come from engaging in this type of social group activity.




Our Team


We at Calm Passion have assembled a professional and diverse group of individuals to make up our nonprofit team. They  help make our plans to create multiple sensory friendly events for neurodiverse families a reality.

Adam Wilson

Adam assembled the Calm Passion team in 2016 as a response to finding a lack of activities available for his family to attend with their autistic son Logan. His dream was to create Calmer Con, a sensory friendly comic book convention, which became a reality in April, 2018. He hopes to help create Calmer Con events in as many places as possible in the future.

Kate Humber

Kate Humber’s diverse background in hotel and event management, content marketing, web development, sales, and entrepreneurship brings a wealth of practical experience to the team.


Len Brassard

As the Director of Family Martial Arts Center, Len Brassard has a great amount of experience in business management, leadership and team building, and community outreach. He also brings his immense technical knowledge of video production to the table.

Travis Jarrett

Community organizing, fundraising, and public outreach are only a few of the strengths Travis Jarrett brings with him to our team. He also has the solid audio and video production experience needed to help our events run smoothly.